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Hi, I'm Evelyn Hale!

Astrology Consultations

Why Astrology?

In these uncertain times, astrology serves as a guiding light, offering hope and insights into both the present and the future. Drawing upon ancient wisdom and intuitive healing practices, I have dedicated myself to this path of study since the age of 15. Recently, I made the decision to deepen my knowledge and skills by enrolling in Rising Woman's Mystic Astrology Apprenticeship program, where I've had the privilege of learning from Andrea's unique astrology system.

What to Expect

During this 60-minute session, I will delve into various astrological charts to shed light on the current and upcoming planetary influences shaping your life. Together, we'll uncover the lessons you're meant to learn, the growth opportunities awaiting you, and the benefits that stem from your circumstances. My approach to astrology is intuitive and grounded in psychology and trauma-informed care. Astrology serves as a powerful tool for unraveling the unconscious patterns and archetypes guiding our lives. Whether you seek clarity on career paths, relationships, or personal development, I provide a nurturing space to understand yourself and your circumstances.

These sessions empower you to make informed decisions aligned with your highest good. Together, we will:

  • Explore current astrological transits affecting your natal chart and how to navigate these energies effectively.
  • Peek into the future to anticipate potential events, transitions, and opportunities.
  • Assist in decision-making processes by identifying ideal timing for life changes.
  • Understand your unique Divine Timing and cultivate trust in the unfolding journey.

In our session, we can explore:

  • Optimal timing for launching a new business venture or career change.
  • Potential encounters with a soulmate or life partner.
  • Fertility windows and favorable times for starting a family.
  • Anticipated shifts in living arrangements or relocation.
  • Ideal opportunities for travel and exploration.

Important Note

It's important to note that our session will not:

  • Dictate your choices or actions.
  • Override Divine Timing.
  • Foster unrealistic expectations regarding major life events like marriage, pregnancy, or relocations.
  • Provide detailed predictions on specific life changes or the longevity of new relationships.

Book a Consultation

60 Minute Consultation: $77 | Payment accepted via Venmo or Zelle

To begin, please send me an email with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth (month, day, and year)
  • Time of birth (exact hour and minute from your birth certificate)
  • City, state (or city, country)
  • The question or questions you hope to answer in a consultation with me

Email: [email protected]

Upon receiving your email I will reach out to discuss payment and scheduling of your live consultation. Please note that my availability for live consultations is limited but if a mutual time cannot be found for a live consultation, I will offer you the option to receive a recorded consultation.

About Evelyn

Astrologer-In-Training, Author of The Inner Child Workbook

My journey as a healer began in childhood, where I navigated the complexities of trauma and abuse. Through two decades of therapy, embodiment and healing as an adult, I found my way to releasing unconscious programming and reclaiming my personal power. Now, I am committed to helping others on their healing journey, by guiding them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and break free from limiting beliefs.

If my story resonates with you and you feel inspired to explore astrology as a tool for personal growth and healing, I invite you to book an astrology consultation with me. Together, we can uncover the insights and guidance that the stars hold for you on your journey. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your path to greater clarity, healing, and empowerment.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that these sessions are for entertainment and educational purposes only. They offer insights based on astrological interpretations but do not guarantee absolute certainty. Your life journey is influenced by various factors beyond astrology, including your own free will and external circumstances. Please use your discernment and intuition in applying the insights gained from our session.